Referral form (pdf)

For our referring veterinarians, find below a link to open (and download if you wish) a copy of our Referral form (and the re-order form if this has been misplaced). If as a client you are after a second opinion / self referral, you may use the form below, but present to you normal veterinarian for completion of history etc.
Veterinary Referral form (pdf)

Referral Pad Re-order Form (pdf)

Newsletters (pdf)

Here's our more recent newsletters (sent to referring Vets) available for download as PDF's:
November 2012 newsletter (pdf)

August 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

October 2014 Newsletter (pdf)

Managing an Open Fracture

The notes from Ruth's talk to Massey University Veterinary students on 11th October 2014 as part of the NZISVS seminar can be downloaded here as a PDF:
Open Fracture notes (pdf, 200 Kb)

Bandages - unravelling the mysteries

The notes from Ruth's talk to the Auckland Veterinary Society on 22 August 2013 can be downloaded here as a PDF:
Bandages talk notes (pdf, 1.3Mb)

Cage Rest

If your pet has been prescribed cage rest post surgery, have a read of the attached fact sheet (PDF) explaining what you need to know to facilitate a successful surgical recovery.
Cage Rest Fact Sheet (PDF)